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3D printing in model aircraft construction


Not so long ago, it seemed unthinkable to 3D print a complete (and usable) RC model aircraft. The first models flew more or less well, and were heavy and fragile.
With modern filaments, it is now possible to produce light and yet robust models with almost any 3D printer.

Producing 3d printed RC model aircrafts is nevertheless a special challenge. They have to be light and stable and should fly well. But it's possible! Even models that are suitable for beginners.

I only use open source software on my Linux-based PC for the construction and preparation of the print files. This allows amazing results to be achieved with high precision. However, sometimes you have to think outside the box a little to get the right result.


My models are designed for a "standard printer" with an printing space of 200x200x200mm. So you don't need an extra large printer, even if the model ends up having a wingspan of well over 1000mm.
The 3d printed individual parts are glued together with superglue or epoxy resin.
The stability of my models does not result from the printed parts, but from carbon or fiberglass rods that hold the parts together and align them when glued together.

Disadvantages of 3d printed RC model airplanes

Advantages of 3d printed RC model airplanes