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Welcome on C-Arts-Modelle.de!

On this site you will find information about my rc model planes, some building plans and some tips and tricks.

I made my first models out of XPS-foam. However the construction with XPS-foam reaches its limits when it comes to strongly curved, filligree parts.

Then I discovered 3d printing for myself. You can 3d print (almost) every shape if you know how. The parts can be printed repeatedly and with a high accuracy. If a part breaks it can be reprinted.

However 3d printed parts have their weight. But this can be strongly reduced by adapting the design of the parts and using modern foaming filaments.

Of course a complete rc model plane can be printed out, which also flies well. But the combination of 3d printing and using XPS-foam is also interesting.

My focus is the challenge of constructing and building a model by myself and having fun flying it. Even if there are certainly easier ways to get a well flying rc plane model in times of ARF and RTF.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website. I will endeavor to continuously expand the site. Of course, I am grateful for further suggestions and tips.

Most of my website is in German. But feel free to have the German texts translated automatically. I am sure the AI of the great internet players will do quite a good job.